Time for a little bit of RollAWay history

Did you know that RollAway started out as a school house back in the late 1800's?

Around 1950 this small school house was outgrown. The population of Lowell was expanding! The building was sold to the American Legion who added on to the back of it and installed a Brunswick bowling alley. Lowell's one and only for many years.

About 10 years later, when enough money could be raised to complete the project, a second story was added above the lanes and the roller skating rink became one of Lowell's main attractions along with the riverboat events.

Just about everybody that has grown up in and around Lowell in the last 40 years has skated at the Roller Rink at one time or another.

In the 70's and early 80's, Jack was the rink operator and many still remember him driving around neighboring communities including Ada & Saranac on Sunday mornings to pick up the dedicated skaters in his school bus. At the end of the session, he took everybody home again.

We bought the business in 1995 and in 1999 we created a miniature golf course from an empty lot next door. In 2000 we purchased all of our Lazer Runner laser tag equipment from a Planet Pizza in Colorado and set up an arena on the third floor. In 2001 we painted the exterior with new, bright colors and completely remodeled the skating rink by reloacating the DJ booth onto the skate floor, built a new skate room, added a small arcade, carpeted etc.

In 2003 we remodeled the bowling alley and added auto scoring by installing the equipment we purchased from a bowling alley in the hills of the Pennsylvania appalacian mountains. Getting there was easy, getting out with a rental truck and an unexpected snow storm was another matter all together. Gone are the old Telescore units and 1940 bench seating (below).

Which brings us to today. We really want to make a difference to the kids and families in this community. We firmly believe that by offering a controlled recreational outlet we can help guide youngsters to a successful adult life while providing fitness at the same time. Did you know you burn 400 calories an hour just by having fun at the rink!

We want to be the birthday party center for this region. We want to be your small town family entertainment center. We hope you will help us do that!
Phone: (616)897-0001   Email: bob@rollaway.biz